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Positive Space

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Four seasons

Walk and smell blooming flowers and trees. Enjoy the sea, sun and stars. Explore the nature when changing colours. Retreat and recharge during the reposeful time.

With friends and family

Great opportunity to boost your relationships. Spend quality time in a spacious, restorative and empower-ing surrounding while bonding with loved ones.

For memorable moments

Have a delightful birthday, plan your wedding in the area, discover the region or regain energy and boost your creativity … no mater what you do – you will collect outstanding memories.

Our Collection

"Η φιλοξενια ειναι πραξη αρετης”.

The Olive Tree Residence

Great choice for a relaxing vacation for families with children or a group of friends. The Olive Tree Residence is a traditional Mani Tower House,...
100 per night

The Kalamata Castle Residence

The Kalamata Castle Residence is located in the heart of the Kalamata historical centre and right below the castle. It overlooks the city and the Messenian...
0 per night

Interior Design

Architecture and Interior Design are in great focus of our projects.
Architecture is the structure of a domicile which gives the frame we spend time in.
Interior Design is the art of enhancing the inner space of a domicile to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for us using the space.
The balance of both creates positive spaces.

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About Us

The mission of Positive Space is to offer our guests memorable vacations. Through many years of professional involvement with architecture and the travel-tourism industry we acquired a wide scope of experiences and shaped a ‘’customer in the center’’ attitude. These various influences and comprehensions are the background to provide our guests with superb holiday experiences in our unique selection of family owned residences.
We also care for the environment and our community. Through recommended practices we minimise our environmental footprint and we support projects with positive social impact. We have a genuine desire to preserve natural beauty and heritage.

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